Grey Matter Gravy

Issue 2 Bonus Stuff

Here’s all the things I couldn’t stick in the envelope.

Space Shuttle Enterprise Test Flight

Music of the Future

David Bowie played SNL in 1979 and it was magical

I couldn’t make just make one playlist so here’s 8 hours of 80s new wave. Play or shuffle—it works either way.

3D Images

Anything in 3D is automatically futuristic. I’ve converted some View-Master reels to anaglyph images for you and I’ve also included some 3D photos I took of the San Antonio Library. Pro tip: since you’re not watching a movie with those 3D glasses, cut the arms off and just hold them up in front of your eyes (Red lens over your left eye!).

Space: 1999 View-Master reels

Star Trek View-Master reels

Apollo 11 View-Master reels

San Antonio Public Library

Cosmos Opening


“Talkbot” machinima web series (2009)

I began creating machinima with SecondLife in 2007. I made a few shorts with a pair of robots (Aren and Lifal). I used text-to-speach voices which I found both appropriate and hilarious. In 2009, I recruited my friend Jan Hanford to write new episodes with me. After creating mainly one-off episodes we decided to write a continuing plot line. These are the last 19 episodes that track the rise of Bob and the Singularity.