Michael Verdi

The cover for issue 2 features an illustration of Tony Soprano holding issue 1.Since my father died in 2021, I've had this compulsion to make art again — zines in particular. So to create more time for it, I changed my sleep schedule and began working on art early in the morning. That's been a big help. I created my zine Grey Matter Gravy and published four issues over the last two years. But now I find I want more practice. Grey Matter Gravy issues (and another zine I’m cooking up) are becoming bigger and more involved. I need something smaller. Something I can do more often. Something like telling stories about what's happening in my life.

So that's this zine — Zine logo - a square with a triangle inside — it's part newsletter, part perzine. It's also free and only available in print. If you'd like to start receiving it, sign up here.

Issue Notes and Other Inspirations

I collect links, videos, music and more for each issue.