Issue 2 – The Future

September 2021

This issue is all about the future. Growing up in the 70s and early 80s I was immersed in science, science fiction and art. It was, I thought, a pretty exciting time in the world. People had gone to the moon, some lived in a space station and we were sending probes out to explore the solar system. The future was getting here in a hurry and I was hungry for exciting ideas about it.

While I was making this issue I rewatched a lot of old movies and TV shows and I cut together a trailer in the style of the Space: 1999 (series 1) title sequence. Each episode started with a cold open followed by the theme music with quick cuts of all the action and explosions coming up. If you’ve never seen Space: 1999, check out the title sequence from the first episode.

This issue comes with more images, music, and videos like this. You can find it all here.